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Injury Sustained: Severed artery, tendon and nerves in wrist

User's Age: Unknown
Sex: Male

Background: "My Dad severed the artery, tendon and nerves in his wrist and lost the feeling in his two smallest fingers. He was given a prognosis of 6 weeks before wrist movement, and was told that the nerves would take from 6 months to a year to repair. He needed a quick recovery time so he could get back working on the farm."

Results: "I just wanted to contact you to show you the progress and say thank you! The doctors have said he has healed "amazingly well" and has had no infection, which is lucky for this sort of injury. He is moving his fingers extremely well, not full grip yet but he has lost a lot of muscle so that will take time and is moving his wrist now too so that is great. The scar is looking brilliant and the swelling has almost pretty much gone. We are very pleased with what the Arc unit has done in just a 6-week period so thank you so much!"


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