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Injury Sustained: Broken ankle, tibia and fibula

User's Age: Unknown
Sex: Female

Background: "I broke my ankle when I was bucked off one of my young horses and have been using Arc in my recovery. On admission to the hospital the prognosis I was given was that I would make a good recovery and that they would get me back to doing what I wanted. I needed an operation to attach the end of my tibia, which had broken off, and a plate and screws to join the broken fibula.

Treatment was a week with the ankle elevated to reduce swelling so that the initial operation to join the broken bones together could be done. After the operation I had 6 weeks non-weight bearing in a plaster cast and then review at fracture clinic. At this review the locum doctor had the cast removed and I was given a support boot to wear for 3 weeks. The doctor also discussed the possibility of having a screw removed that was joining my fibula and tibia together. The physiotherapist gave me a chart of exercises to do and showed me how to do them. He said I was to be walking without crutches when I came back in 3 weeks.

When I returned 3 weeks later walking in the boot but without the crutches another doctor on duty asked where my crutches were and told me I shouldn"t be putting weight on the leg as I had broken everything that I could have in the ankle and that I would have the screw removed the following week. I was only doing what the physiotherapist had told me to do. What I didn"t tell her was that in the previous week I had started to use my Arc and was able to put on my runners and mucker boots again, and had been working around the yard at home. She said it was a 12-week recovery and that it would never be the same as the other one and that it may never be right again.

The following week I had the screw removed and a week later the stitch removed. I was given the all clear at the hospital to go back to work and drive but when I called my own GP on the way home he said I would be off for another 6 weeks to give the ankle a chance to heal. I convinced him that I was able to walk on the ankle and that I would take it easy at work only working in the office."

Results: "I started using the Arc unit on a recommended 6-week programme. The doctors said I don"t need physiotherapy as long as I do my exercises that were recommended at the hospital. All the work I do I try to use the foot as I would at a physiotherapy session. I wore ankle braces for a few days as support for ligament pain which is now gone.

Having only used the Arc unit for 2 days, friends even noticed that the swelling in the ankle was reduced. Within a few days I was able to put on my runners and mucker boots again. During the 6 weeks since I started using Arc I have been able to do a lot of work out in the yard with the horses, such as mucking out, putting down beds, filling haynets, etc., and I have ridden my pony twice in the last 3 weeks. I returned to work 3 weeks ago, 13 weeks after the accident. Last Friday was the end of my 6-week treatment with Arc and yesterday my ankle felt "normal". I know it will take time for it to have full movement but I am delighted it is as good as it is."

"I have been recommending it to friends and also talked to hospital staff about it. They were amazed. Some want it for their own injuries and others for their horses. Thank you so much for this brilliant machine."


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