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Injury Sustained: Multiple broken bones and fractures

User's Age: Unknown
Sex: Male

"I"ve bought an Arc off you and I can safely say I"ve had my monies worth out of it. I fractured my C5 and was told I wouldn"t ride again - 14 weeks later I was.

The October of last year I had a horse rear over backwards on the road and I broke: my scapula, six ribs, my ankle and my heel, but worst of all was a severe fracture to my wrist and scaphoid, which resulted in it shattering to 32 different pieces of bone. I was taken by air to hospital and was told that the most likely scenario was a full amputation of my left hand. After a series of consultations the next day, a surgeon tried to use exterior wires to stabilise and reform my wrist. However, he had serious reservations about the possibility of the wires and bones holding.

I came home after 6 days and immediately started using the Arc. A week later my surgeon was very happy but warned that I would lose the majority of function in my left hand and "definitely won"t have the ability to grip cutlery, pens and certainly not reins". The Arc has been used constantly and I"ve been back riding for 4 months (so I was only out of the saddle for 4 months in total). I have a loss of flexibility in bending my wrist back and some residual pain, but I can use my hand and can (with concentration) do awkward tasks like tying my son"s shoelaces.

It truly is quite a bit of kit."

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