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Injury Sustained: Broken collarbone

User's Age: Unknown
Sex: Female

Background: "In July last year my horse and I fell show jumping. I landed on my shoulder and was immediately aware that I had broken my collarbone. X-rays showed it was a bad break and that it would need an operation to pin pull together the fragments. Sadly it was in the peak summer in Cornwall and I had to wait over 2 weeks for the operation.

I started using my Arc immediately and whilst it could not heal the bones my pain was kept under control without the need for additional painkillers and with me leading a relatively active life (not riding or driving but otherwise fairly normal). I was operated on for 4 hours to repair the break. I continued using the Arc before the operation, immediately after and throughout the recovery process. I was advised that I would be able to do things fairly normally again after about 12 weeks."

Results: "When I took the dressing off the wound at 8 days the healing of the wound was amazing. I was back quietly riding after 2 weeks and driving. At 4 weeks I was pretty much back to normal. My x-rays at both the 2 week stage and 10 week stage showed good stability and healing."

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