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Injury Sustained: Osteoarthritis

User's Age: Unknown
Sex: Female

"Prior to my use of the Arc, I had osteoarthritis in the metacarpal joints at the base of both my thumbs. These have been sometimes just painful but also I have had to ask my husband to open jars for me whereas in the past I had a very strong grip.

Since using the Arc, the discomfort in my thumbs at rest has reduced gradually almost without me noticing. Prior to the pain receding, I began to notice that I no longer had to ask for help to undo jars. At first I thought that they had not been done up tightly enough but then it was too frequent to be that as a reason. My guess is that the reduction in pain is allowing me to resume the strength of grip that I had before.

The Arc has allowed a phenomenal improvement in many ways to my quality of life as a retiree."

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