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Injury Sustained: Lower back injury & sciatica

User's Age: Unknown
Sex: Female

"I initially suffered a back injury in 2008 after a heavy fall in training. After physiotherapy had no impact on the pain and mobility, I had an MRI scan and found that there were several areas of disc damage in my lower back. I had some injections at the time, and frequent physio. Since then I have been prone to sciatica following anything that"s particularly strenuous on my back - for example heavy lifting, too much pro-longed standing etc, or being too inactive and sitting at a desk all day at work."

"Following my purchase of the ArcEquine for my horse, I started using it on the evening after a day of competition. The day following competition has always been a struggle with my back seizing up (a result of walking long undulating eventing courses in addition to a full day riding, battling with getting studs in etc), so I thought it was worth a shot. I"ve really noticed a difference this year since using the Arc in this way - I"ve found myself to be in much less pain the day following competition and find my mobility much better, enabling me to do the necessary stretches and exercises to fully recover. I have been able to cut down the amount and frequency of physiotherapy appointments, and I"m sure if I wasn"t putting the ArcEquine on my horses so much and used it for my own maintenance as well as just recovery after competition, I would be in even better shape!"

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