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Injury Sustained: Fibromyalgia and migraines

User's Age: 53
Sex: Female

I started using the ARC about six months ago which I used non stop to start with. I have found, as you will see below, a dramatic reduction in the level of pain I felt with fibromyalgia. I still have some days where it is still bad but no where near as many as previously, and not to the extreme level it was before.

I really feel that using this has made a huge difference to my life. I must admit I was totally sceptical in the beginning and thought that nothing would help me. I had previously been given amitriptyline which had really bad side effects and made me really ill, and so I didn"t want to risk taking any other tablets, and had resigned myself to being in extreme pain for the rest of my life.

I originally visited my doctor a dozen different times over a couple of years before being sent to hospital for numerous tests to determine what was wrong, and after all other avenues were exhausted they decided I had fibromyalgia. My doctor then had thought that was what I was suffering from, he has now retired and I have since visited the doctors on six or more occasions and have been either met with whatever is wrong with me just labelled as fibromyalgia or been told that there is no such thing as fibromyalgia and it is all in my head. 

I was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia in 2013 after suffering for many years with various different complaints.

I have suffered from migraines since the age of 11 I am now 53, these can be minor to major and can sometimes take three days to recover from. I did have anything from one a week to three or four.

The migraines I suffered from have reduced to between two and three a month, which tend to come now in clusters over a couple of days and the rest of the month is clear. Even though I still have migraines they are very rarely as severe as they were previously, and in most cases I can take an immigran and continue with my day.

I have muscle pain in most, if not all, of the trigger points and this varies in severity from day to day. Some days I can walk with no problem and can do a mile or so and other days I can"t walk to the end of the road.

The pain has reduced dramatically and I am now able to plan days ahead of things to do and commit to seeing people or going places, whereas before I wouldn"t as I never knew if I would be well enough. With the pain reduction I have now found I can sleep easier and don"t wake up with the pain as often as I did before, which in turn has made my whole functionality in life much better. I had previously had to give up my job as I couldn"t be in the car for long periods of time as the pain in my legs became totally unbearable. I now feel able to commit to opening my own business as I feel able to rely on my body to get me through the days now without too much pain. It has not gone completely but is now at a level where I can manage, and not have to take painkillers all day every day. My family found it really difficult previously as they could plan anything with me, so now it has improved they feel able to plan things with me including days out etc.

I also have restless legs of an evening and am in tears with the pain as its gets so unbearable.

My legs are still restless if I am over tired, but on the whole they are a lot better than they were previously.

I have suffered from insomnia and sleep disturbance for as long as I can remember, I have great difficulty getting to sleep and wake up frequently throughout the night sometimes as much as a dozen times, and on occasion I am awake all night, this is usually every two months I have a night like this.

When I do go to sleep in the early hours I have great difficulty waking up and getting going in the morning, which is very difficult when I have to leave early for work. I do not wake up refreshed and feel as exhausted as when I went to bed.

Whilst I still have the occasional night that is difficult, on the whole I am sleeping a lot better. Due to the reduction in the level of pain I am suffering I am sleeping much better and on some occasions recently I have actually slept for the whole night without getting up at all. I do still get up most nights but only once or twice, and go back to sleep again soon after. I do not have as many completely sleepless nights and have only had a couple since starting to use the Arc. Which is a vast improvement on the way I was before. And as I am sleeping better I am waking up at a more reasonable time with more energy to be able to get through the day. I have only had to go back to sleep in the afternoon on a couple of occasions and that was because I had a really bad cold and wasn"t well. 

I also suffer from IBS and have great difficulty going to the toilet regularly and always have to take medicine. I have stomach cramps and pains regularly, and have a constant feeling of bloatedness after eating.

I am still suffering with iBS and still struggle with all of these issues, which is very frustrating. Although the cramps are less severe I still have them.

I have suffered from house maids knee, tennis elbow and plantar facicitis regularly. 

Not had any reoccurrence of these since starting with the ARC.

My memory has always been exceptionally good, however lately I have had bouts of confusion and can"t remember names or places very well, which has in turn caused me a lack of confidence that I have not experienced before.

I am prone to bouts of extreme sadness and can become tearful without warning.

This has improved I believe due to the fact that I am now able to sleep better as I am not in so much pain. My confidence has taken a huge knock as I had to give up my previous job, but I am now looking forward to opening my own shop and hopefully making a success of my cake decorating and teaching career, which I previously used to do in my spare time, but had to give up a few years ago as I was unable to do this as well as my day job, as I was too tired and in so much pain. I also had to cancel classes due to migraines which I found unacceptable.

All of this has affected my life so much that I am now going to leave my current role in education catering as it involves a lot of travelling and time in the car has become much more painful for me, so I am unable to bear it any more, I will now be working much closer to home, although for a lot less money.

As I said I had already had to leave my full time job, but I am looking forward to starting a new career working for myself, which I would not have even considered if I had still been experiencing the levels of pain I had previously, along with the extreme fatigue that totally blighted my whole life.

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