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Injury Sustained: Migraine & facial pain

User's Age: 67
Sex: Female

I have suffered all my life with headaches and migraine, although I was not medically diagnosed with migraine until my 30s. The migraines involve acute, throbbing pain to my right temple, vomiting and a sensitivity to light.

I used over the counter medication initially, but, by my late 40s, my migraines were lasting up to three days, so I sought help from an osteopath/herbalist. This treatment helped reduce both the severity and the frequency of them. After I retired, they improved, but still continued to impact my ability to fulfil any commitments, when they did occur. I currently take over the counter pain relief for headaches, but nothing for Migraine.

In my 60s, I developed another condition, Trigeminal Neuralgia, which involves facial pain emanating from the trigeminal nerve. I was first medically diagnosed with TN some five or so years ago. When I suffer a severe attack, the pain is excruciating, like being repeatedly stabbed with a knife or repeated electric shocks. It takes some months to improve, and makes normal everyday activities like eating, drinking , talking and cleaning my teeth painful. I have been taking the maximum dosage of Pregabalin to help with the pain, as normal painkillers have no effect at all. I am told this medication helps to quieten the nerve. I am now under the care of a Neurosurgeon and am advised the other main option for treatment is neurosurgery, to reduce pressure on the trigeminal nerve in the brain stem.
Date of first use of Arc device: March 2017 Improvements

A reduction in the frequency and severity of migraines, no vomiting during last migraine and quicker recovery time.

The edge has been taken off the pain. I have started very slowly reducing the dosage of Pregabalin and the prospect of imminent surgery has receded.

There has been a general improvement in my wellbeing. I have more energy, and have started attending the gym, after an absence of a couple of years. I have been able to do much more, both at home and undertaking more social and other commitments outside the home.

I am convinced the significant enhancement in my quality of life is directly linked to the use of the Arc device over the last 14 months.


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