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Injury Sustained: Muscle Strain

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I have used the Arcs for many years and had many issues, old and new, resolve. The most acute being a strain to a small muscle in my foot and at the same time a strain in the junction of the gastrocnemius and the Achilles Tendon. I was non weight bearing using crutches. I RICE"d it (Rest, Ice, Elevation, Compression). It was very painful to stretch the muscle but using Program 1 it began to heal.

After 7 days, I decided to go to see a Physio and she said it would be 6-8 weeks before I could run, hop or skip on it!! I tried all of these activities before I returned to her in a week and could do them all including a single leg heel raise.

It had taken 14 days instead of the 6-8 weeks as she had predicted.

Even I was impressed.


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