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In The Press

Sunday Mirror

'The build-up of uric acid in my body crystalises in my joints and flare-ups ar eincreedibly painful. in July 2017, help came in the form of Microcurrent Therapy from Arc4Health. 

Mail Online
'Can you really get pain under control WITHOUT painkillers? From lavender oil for headaches, to turmeric for back pain, doctor reveals the best natural alternatives to feel better… '
September 2018

Mail Online
'Antiques dealer, 48, who was forced to give up work for 8 YEARS because of her crippling back pain finds a cure - using a device designed for HORSES'
July 2018

Eventing Worldwide
‘When I broke my leg in May I was fortunate enough through the fabulous connections of Eventing Worldwide to be offered a human Arc4Health to use. July 2018

The Press and Journal
'I had no faith that anything would help, but no one wants to be on prescription drugs for the rest of their life, so I always hoped some miracle cure would come along.'
July 2018

Lancashire Evening Post
'Woman finds relief from ME by wearing microcurrent device'
July 2018

Mr and Mrs 50 Plus
'Microcurrent Therapy for Pain'
June 2018

Mail Online
'Woman is rid of her back pain due to a £200 gadget'
February 2018

The Weekly News
'Electric-current device saved me from agony'
January 2018

Expert Health Reviews
'Best Pain Relieving Devices'
November 2017

Gloucestershire Live
'Medical device designed for horses helps grandmother make amazing recover from shattering injury'
October 2017

The Belfast Telegraph
'Robert lost an arm in a motorcycle crash, then lost his job in the Army, his marriage and his will to live ...until a clever new device eased his chronic pain'
October 2017

Men's and Women's Running
'A hamstring sprain improved with pleasant speed'
November 2017

The Daily Mirror
'I've got my life back thanks to an electric current'
September 2017

Hastings Observer
'Horse therapy brings Hilary relief'
September 2017

The Eastbourne Herald
'Horse cure brings relief to Hilary'
August 2017

The Daily Record
'Arthritis mum reveals how horse treatment ended her decade of agony'
August 2017

Mansfield Chad
'Polio survivor is pain-free thanks to horse treatment'
August 2017

The Express Online
'Woman hails THIS 'miracle' device previously used on horses'
July 2017