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Sunday Mirror

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70-Year-Old Arthritis Sufferer’s Life Back to Normal
Thanks to Device Designed for Horses

•70-year-old Nick Chadburn developed arthritis and gout
•Had to give up doing everything he loved due to pain
•Refused to take painkillers, instead decided to self-monitor body’s uric acid levels
•At worst needed crutches just to get around house
•Discovered microcurrent technology which has CURED him of pain
•Has seen a reduction of FORTY-SIX PERCENT in his body’s uric acid
•Device that could help millions is just 10 cm long, and weighs only 65 g

East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK.

70-year-old arthritis sufferer from East Grinstead who tests his own blood every week to check acid levels was shocked to find that his arthritis symptoms have disappeared, and acid levels returned to normal, all thanks to a cutting-edge microcurrent device.

Grandfather-of-six Nick Chadburn, a payroll and bookkeeping company owner, had been suffering with both gout and painful arthritis flare-ups for fifteen years. His own research led him to link the attacks with his uric acid levels, which seemed to be higher than normal and would not reduce, despite Nick’s active lifestyle and healthy, organic diet. Nick researched the benefits of further dietary changes, but nothing helped to reduce the pain that was slowly taking over his life.

Nick has always been fit, having run the London Marathon in the past, as well as gardening and taking long hilly walks with his dog. During an arthritis flare, which affected his knees, feet, ankles and hands, Nick was incapacitated, unable to even move without pain. Nick was offered painkillers, but he would only take them if he felt unable to cope, and he was quickly becoming despondent about his future, especially since he had to return from a holiday after just 48-hours as was in so much pain. However, just by chance, Nick read an article in a national newspaper about the Arc4Health ( unit – a discreet, portable and easy-to-use device which is worn on the arm or ankle and promotes faster healing through painless microcurrent therapy. Nick felt he had nothing to lose and so ordered one, keen to try something that did not involve taking pain suppressants. Nick says:

“I have always lived healthily and have been on a mostly organic diet for many years. I researched how dietary changes could help lower my uric acid levels, but found that unless I eliminated most foods, there was little I could change. I did reduce the amount of dairy I consumed, as well as increasing water intake, but these changes did not seem to help. The arthritis flare-ups were becoming more frequent and, in fact, last year I had FOUR, each one knocking me back for five or six weeks. I was becoming quite down at the thought of deteriorating and concerned that my muscles would waste away as I was becoming unable to use them due to the pain.”

Nick began measuring his own uric acid levels, which are a factor in gout – a type of inflammatory arthritis. Most of the time, a high uric acid level occurs when your kidneys don't eliminate uric acid efficiently. The levels in males are meant to be 4.0 to 8.5 mg/dL but Nick was finding his always came back at between 10 to 14, despite his dietary changes. However, since Nick began using the Arc4Health unit, his levels have reduced to under 10, and he has no arthritis flare-ups since last year.

In our bodies, every cell communicates with all other cells by a series of minute sequences of electrical current, which regulate the proper functioning of the body. When disease, injury or stress is present, these currents are compromised, resulting in the impairment of natural healing processes. Using Microcurrent Therapy the treatment kick-starts and accelerates many processes involved with correct cellular functioning, resulting in faster healing and promoting optimal health. A 2001 study that looked at 1,949 patients using Microcurrent Therapy for pain management found that 93% claimed significant pain reduction, ranging from 81% in chronic regional pain syndrome patients to a high of 98% and 100% in those suffering from migraine headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome, respectively. When asked if the treatment was of therapeutic benefit, all but 136 of those – reporting across all pain categories and who had at least three weeks' experience of the device – stated that it had helped them significantly. Nick, who uses the unit once or twice a day for three hours at a time, continues:

“I use the unit as advised and have seen a significant reduction in my uric acid levels, which were 14 at their highest and are now as low as 7.5. I have made no other significant changes since using the Arc4Health and I firmly believe that it has kick-started my kidneys into processing and eliminating the uric acid from my body. Before I discovered Arc4Health I was spending much of my life incapacitated, yet now I am able to carry on as I was, doing everything I love to do.”

Microcurrent Therapy has been used in Europe and America over the last two decades and has been refined to such an extent, that the method is generally regarded as a safe, convenient, effective and drug-free solution to chronic pain, like backache, arthritis and sciatica. The Arc4Health device has developed from successful use of microcurrent technology with injured horses, and trials using it proved effective in helping horses rehabilitate and return to competition, and to normal, everyday exercise. Understanding that this technology could have a profound effect on recovery in humans the company Arc-Family carried out a five-year, £150,000 research and development programme that adapted the cutting-edge technology for specific human use. It recently gained full regulatory approval for use on humans and is an EC certified Class 11a medical device. The Arc4Health is the first device that is portable, wearable and accessible to patients, allowing them to benefit from the therapy without having to stay in one place or go into hospital. It involves the passing of naturally occurring electrical currents into the body, by way of self-adhesive electrodes within an arm strap. This technology works systemically, at cellular level, so it doesn’t matter where the currents are introduced to the body, they go to wherever they are required. The patient activates the treatment, allowing a bio-electrical current to flow to the area of pain.

Clive Dewing, an NHS GP in Hawkhurst and now Medical Consultant at Arc4Health says:

“I came across the device a couple of years ago when it was being developed, and I saw it benefit someone who was willing to try it for chronic back pain. She had such immediate relief that I was intrigued. My brother then also tried it for arthritis in his ankle that he suffered greatly with and it soon helped with his mobility, pain and overall wellbeing. I decided to learn much more and saw that although there are several years of published peer-reviewed studies proving the benefits, only now are we taking advantage of it.”

"I firmly believe that this could have a great impact on sufferers of several conditions and therefore have a significant impact on the NHS, which is burdened with pain management and expensive drug treatment. Proven safe and with no side effects like some drug therapy, I think Arc4health could be an excellent substitute in many cases. In terms of recovery, after certain operations, it could be hugely beneficial, and in-turn helps free up beds in hospitals.”